Adrián Salvatori
UI/UX Designer - Full Stack Developer
Shareholder Consultant at
Yes, I'm yet another web dev but with a better taste. 😉
Movidagrafica Design Studio
Bogotá, Colombia.
Darias Design Institute
Visual Communications - 2013 - 2016
E.T.A.V Cristóbal Rojas
Graphic Arts - 2010 - 2013
U.N.A. Universidad Nacional Abierta
Systems Engineering - 2013 - 2019
Multiple Disciplines
Yoin LA.
Bogotá, Colombia
Radikal Agency - Accelerate
Bogotá, Colombia
External Consultant - Shareholder
05, 2021 - Now
Front-End Architecture
Web Application Development
Chief Product Designer
05, 2020. 07, 2021
Through Movidagrafica
Tech Leader - Head Designer
03, 2020. 07, 2021
Through Movidagrafica
Chief Operating Officer - Shareholder.
07, 2020
Professional Development School
Business Administration
Web Development with Vue.JS, React.JS, JavaScript and PHP
Web Development, digital/multimedia content, and
informatic resources
Head Web Developer - UI/UX Conceptualizer.
03, 2019
Work Experience
Knowledge and Skills
Licenses and Certifications
C2 Proficient - EF SET Certificate™
EF International Language Centers
Caracas, Venezuela / Bogotá, Colombia
Luz M. Arenas
Product Designer – External Consultant en Alicorp
Michael Steven Pulido
Co-founder of Radikal Group | CEO Movidagrafica
Movidagrafica Design Studio
Bogotá, Colombia.
Founder, Chief Executive Officer - Shareholder.
01, 2017 - Now.
Adrián is the most empathetic person I know. In all the time that we worked together, I've always admired their true ability to detect the needs of users, understand them at a very deep level and find a solution that not only adapted to what they wanted to achieve, but also always exceeded expectations and preserved human value. Always.

Adrián is one of the most creative and talented people I know, and I'm not saying it in a cliché way, from Adrián you really can learn so much thanks to his enthusiasm, his ideas and his vision. Adrián motivates you to learn, to be curious and to challenge everything, he has such a passion for what he does that it is inevitable not to get infected.

I am grateful for 4 years of inspiration, transformation and growth that we shared together in wonderful projects that I will never forget.

Thank you Adrián, for being my mentor, helping me train as a professional and showing me that without a doubt, a world without empathy is nothing more than a sphere. I recommend you to the community as a professional so humane that it is totally worth keeping around.
My life as an entrepreneur and businessman is marked by a phrase:
Good, there is Better". And I learned this thanks to Adrián Salvatori during these 6 successful years that we have been Working together.

He is currently my business, life and fighting partner in the Radikal Group holding company; With Adrian we have built high impact projects in the marketing, advertising, software development and CrowdFactoring sectors.

I consider with absolute certainty and total security that if any Startup wants to think about innovation, efficient work, resilience, achievement of objectives and return on investment, Adrián is the ideal one.

I mainly highlight his power to transform himself, his ability to reinvent himself and never allow himself to fall into blocks in anything he proposes, I admire him as a person and as a professional. The world needs more people like him, who think outside the box, professionals who want to make this space we inhabit a decent place to live full of solutions and alternatives that make our lives easier.
Head Web Developer
04, 2016 - 08, 2017
Junior Web Developer - UI Designer
08, 2015
Intern - Designer
02, 2015
Technologies, Languages and Frameworks